I am used to blank canvases. They excite me. The optimism for and potential of what might develop; the anticipation, then response. The action. The engagement. The physical act of doing, of making something. The colour that will be applied, rich and vibrant or soft and subtle, embedded with nuance. Textures, tones and tensions. Patterns, geometries and the shapes we make. Our identities, our gestures, our meaning. Thoughts and beliefs, our influences, how and where we draw our lines. Recovering from mistakes, digging in, sticking at it and resolving. Our resilience and the will, the determination to get it right. 

Grasping the opportunity to shape and model, to colour and render, to consider and create, to reflect and comment on the things that chime within us can be a tough thing to do. It certainly isn’t something I’ve ever found that straight forward. For me the blank canvas is a wonderful thing. A blank page, less so.  I find it so much easier in paint than in words. Shakespeare I ain’t! So embarking on a blog is somewhat daunting. However, if I encourage others to step outside their comfort zones, maybe it’s time for me to practice what I preach and to do the same. 

I don’t claim to have a portfolio of solutions to the personal and social challenges lying in wait for us. I doubt I have many answers at all. What will follow though, is hopefully, a reasonably regular flow of thoughts, observations, ideas, responses, opinions, suggestions and even the occasional request, driven by my experiences; what I see and encounter along the way. If ever there is any wit or wisdom struggling to get to the surface, well, I hope we can celebrate these rare moments. 

The future’s not yet written…so here we go…..